An orthopantomogram is also known as a panoramic x-ray, or just "pan" for short.  This is a type of x-ray that presents a view of both the upper and lower jaws. 

Is an orthopantomogram a digital x-ray?

A panoramic x-ray can be either digital or film. The panoramic x-ray system in our office is digital.

Why do I need to have a panoramic x-ray taken?

There are several reasons why our dental team may recommend a panoramic x-ray. One common use of a panoramic x-ray is to check for impacted wisdom teeth. They are also used for the assessment and placement of implants, checking periodontal bone loss, assessing TMJ issues and orthodontic planning.

Can a panoramic x-ray be used to check for damage?

Yes. This is an excellent use of a panoramic x-ray. If you have been involved in an accident, a full understanding of your injuries is essential for treatment planning.

For example, if you’ve had a fall and sustained impact to your face, we may recommend a panoramic x-ray to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the extent of the damage to your jaw and teeth.

Will I experience any discomfort with a panoramic x-ray?

Not at all! Our team will position you correctly in the panoramic x-ray machine. We will ensure that you are properly protected and positioned in order to obtain the best quality x-ray.

After you are in position, we will leave the room and take the x-ray. All you will hear is a beep while the machine spins around your head while the x-ray is taken.

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