Digital x-rays are x-rays that store the image in digital format which allow us to view and enlarge them at any time during your care.

We are able to detect dental problems early, as well as monitor your treatment and progress carefully and precisely.

How safe are digital x-rays?

Dental x-rays are accepted as safe by any known standard. All x-rays will produce some amount of radiation. 

At Park Lawn Dental, we always take every precaution to ensure you will be exposed to the absolute lowest amount of radiation possible. These precautions include the use of a lead apron and taking x-rays only as strictly necessary.

Why do I need dental x-rays taken?

Dental professionals use x-rays to view aspects of your smile that will not be visible during a visual examination. X-rays give our dental team the ability to detect problems earlier than we would be able to with a simple visual examination.

These problems include tooth decay, damage to the bones which support the teeth, and dental injuries, such as broken tooth roots.

What will my dental team see on my digital x-ray?

A digital x-ray is an important assessment tool for our dental team at Park Lawn Dental.

By using digital x-rays, our knowledgeable team will be able to detect a wide variety of problems in your mouth, including early tooth decay, bone loss, problems below the gum line, cysts, abscesses, tumours, or impacted teeth.

How often will I need a digital x-ray?

Our experienced team will advise you during your appointment if a digital x-ray is necessary. If an x-ray is recommended, it can be performed during this appointment and the images will be immediately available.

This immediate result gives our dental team the information we need to provide you with the best treatment available. If you have any questi

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