An intra oral camera is a tiny very high-resolution camera that fits comfortably into a patient’s mouth. It is able to project accurate, enlarged images of your smile onto a screen where you and our team can view them together.

When is an intra oral camera useful?

We understand that when considering a recommended treatment plan to address specific dental problems, patients can often feel frustrated. Even under the best circumstances, trying to envision problems you can’t actually see is challenging.

This can be especially stressful for our patients with dental anxiety. We are able to remove that frustration by using a small intra oral camera that allows our team to see the inside of your mouth as a full-colour enlarged image.

Together, we can use the images to discuss and consider a recommended treatment plan. The result is a better insight into any problems in your smile, and greater comfort in knowing you have a complete understanding of the treatment plan that will address them.

If you have any questions about our intra oral camera, or any other dental procedure, contact our attentive team at Park Lawn Dental in Etobicoke for more information.

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