At Park Lawn Dental we are pleased to offer our patients the latest advancement in caries control detection! The Canary System™ allows our team to see more with confidence and ease, and in many cases replaces the need for traditional x-rays.

The Canary System uses energy conversion technology (PTR-LUM) that identifies caries by measuring the status of enamel crystal structure. The Canary System™ is especially useful for patients with fillings or other restorations as it allows our team to see tooth decay that would not typically appear on an x-ray.

How does the Canary System™ work?

The Canary System™ uses a low power, low intensity laser light that pulsates to scan your teeth for minute signs of decay. The laser both illuminates and applies a very slight amount of heat to each tooth in order to evaluate it for possible tooth decay.

This system is able to detect decay from the tooth surface up to 5 millimeters deep and 20 times smaller than a millimeter (50 microns).

The Canary System™ uses a special software program that makes both the scanning and mapping of the teeth easy. The computer screen vividly shows any area of caries and indicates how advanced the decay is.

Subtle changes in heat and luminescence are read and outputted into a Canary Number linking the Canary with enamel and not bacteria. The higher the Canary Number, the more advanced the decay.

Will there be any discomfort with the Canary System™?

Absolutely not! The Canary System™ is a completely pain-free, safe and non-invasive early detection system.

It uses a small wand that is inserted into your mouth that is not uncomfortable at all. Many patients say that they prefer the Canary System™ to traditional x-rays since it does not involve the use of radiation, and has no effect on the hard or soft tissue of the mouth.

What are the benefits of the Canary System™?

The Canary System™ is built upon years of research to detect decay far earlier than with an x-ray or visual examination.

It allows us to shift our focus from correcting dental decay, to early detection and prevention/reversal of decay. The earlier decay is detected, the more options we have to treat it!

Is the laser light safe?

The Canary System™ is a completely non-invasive technology. The heat emitted is virtually undetectable as it only raises the temperature of the tooth 1-2 degrees.

This technology has been researched extensively since 1999 and is considered very safe.

What happens if early decay is detected?

It is possible to remineralize decayed areas if they are detected early enough using the Canary System™.

In many cases, we can use a topical treatment such as fluoride to reconstitute the minerals in affected teeth. When decayed areas remineralize, the decay disappears. The chances of remineralization increase the earlier the decay is detected.

If you have any questions about The Canary System™, or any other dental procedure, please contact our team at Park Lawn Dental in Etobicoke, or visit The Canary System website.

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