If a root canal has been recommended, your tooth has developed, or is likely to soon develop, an infection in the pulp, which is the soft tissue inside your tooth.

An infection in the pulp of a tooth cannot heal on its own and will likely result in an abscess.

If an abscess develops in your tooth, complications such as tooth loss or bone loss can result. Since an abscess is a serious infection, it can even impact your overall health in a negative way.

A root canal will remove the abscess from your tooth and will prevent any future infections from developing in that tooth.

What is a root canal?

During a root canal, infected pulp tissue from inside the affected tooth will be removed in order to eliminate the infection and prevent the occurrence of future infections.

The hollow area where the pulp was removed is then filled with dental material. After a root canal is complete, the tooth is usually protected with a crown.

What will happen during a root canal procedure?

During a root canal procedure, our team will begin by placing a local anaesthetic at the area where the root canal will take place.

Our dental team will use very precise dental equipment to remove the infected pulp from your tooth and fill in the hollow area in the tooth. We usually recommend a final step, which includes placing a crown on the root-canaled tooth to provide it with long-term strength.

What will I notice after my root canal?

Some minor tenderness might be experienced for a short period of time. However, in many cases, patients feel no discomfort after a root canal.

Our knowledgeable dental team may prescribe you a course of anti-inflammatories or antibiotics. You should take all medications as prescribed.

After your root canal, you will be able to enjoy food and drinks without sensitivity or pain in your tooth due to heat, cold, or pressure.

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