There are several reasons we may recommend a filling. A filling might be necessary if decay needs to be removed from your tooth, if a filling needs to be replaced, or if a tooth has cracked or been damaged.

What is a bonded filling?

A bonded filling (also known as a “white filling”) is a filling which is made from composite resin. The composite resin is similar in colour to your teeth. Bonded fillings blend in more naturally with your teeth than traditional silver amalgam fillings.

Why would I choose a bonded filling?

A bonded filling is often the best option. If the filling is intended to fill a cavity which covers only a small area of your tooth, and is not exposed to a lot of force, a bonded filling is the best choice.

If the cavity to be filled covers a larger area of your tooth, or if it is on a molar and you grind your teeth, a bonded filling may not be the best option. Our team will be pleased to help you to decide if a bonded filling is the best choice for you.

How is a bonded filling inserted?

When a filling is required to fill a cavity, our experienced team will begin by placing a local anaesthetic to the area.

Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, we will thoroughly remove all decay from the tooth, using very precise instruments.

After the decay has been completely removed from the tooth, we will prepare the tooth for the filling by etching the surface of the tooth. Etching will allow the filling to bond completely to the surface of the tooth.

After the filling has been bonded to the tooth, we will polish the surface of the filling so that the texture is similar to the surface of your tooth.

What can I expect after the bonded filling is placed?

After the local anaesthetic has worn off, most patients will not notice anything different. You will be able to eat and drink normally.

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