Children's Services

Excellent dental health begins in childhood.  At Park Lawn Dental, we recommend our young patients come to our office for their first dental visit by the age of three and a half years old, or earlier if there are any concerns.

During this first examination, our kind and caring staff will conduct a very brief and engaging examination, and demonstrate correct brushing and flossing skills for children. Regular professional cleanings and examinations are essential to maintain excellent dental health as children grow and develop.

These early childhood visits will allow us to detect dental problems at very early stages, as well as help to avoid the development of dental anxiety as your child grows older.

Ideally, we want all of our patients to grow up with excellent dental health, as well as a healthy level of comfort while visiting the dentist.

Children's Dental Services

Thumb Sucking Appliances in Etobicoke

While thumb sucking in babies and very young children is not a concern, if this habit continues after the eruption of adult teeth, it can lead to serious dental and speech problems.

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A sports guard that is custom-made to fit your child's teeth will protect his or her teeth from damage that might occur while playing sports.

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Caries control focuses on controlling the development of dental decay, or cavities. Caries control is often a focus for our younger patients.

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A space maintainer is a small dental appliance that holds the space of one or more missing baby teeth open until the permanent teeth grow in.

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Dental sealants are made from clear or tooth coloured material. Sealants are applied to the surface of a child’s permanent molars in order to prevent the formation of cavities on these teeth.

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