Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas. It has been used to alleviate patient anxiety during dental procedures for over 100 years. When it is inhaled, nitrous oxide will produce a general feeling of calm and wellbeing.

How is nitrous oxide administered?

Nitrous oxide is a gas and is dispensed in carefully measured doses through a mask. A patient wears a mask over her nose and breathes in the near odourless gas.

What will I feel while I am taking nitrous oxide?

While inhaling nitrous oxide, patients are awake at all times. The effects of nitrous oxide will be apparent within a few minutes of inhalation and can include a feeling of calm, mild tingling in hands and feet, a dreamlike state, a feeling of floating and a disconnection from the fear of the dental procedure being performed. Some patients even forget they are having a dental procedure at all!

Can nitrous oxide be combined with other sedation?

Yes, nitrous oxide is often administered together with intravenous treatment.

Can I drive myself home after I have had nitrous oxide?

Within a short time of breathing regular oxygen again, you should find the effects of the nitrous oxide have disappeared. Patients are normally able to drive themselves home from their appointment. 

How will I know if nitrous oxide is right for me?

If you are nervous or anxious about undergoing a dental procedure, speak to our caring and attentive team. We make your comfort our priority.  We will explain your options thoroughly and help you decide if nitrous oxide is right for you.

If you have any questions about nitrous oxide or any other dental procedure, book an appointment with our caring team at Park Lawn Dental in Etobicoke for more information. Request Appointment

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